Hat fair

Again there is a new Hat Fair Festival in the UK near my hometown where I grew up during my teenage years. After my graduation I moved to the United States of America to work and retire.

I am planning to visit this special occasion because I am afraid it might be my last. It would be nice to find a young chap with the same interest and to hand over my knowledge to the next.

Because of my age, strength and the condition I am in I have to find out what is a good health insurance here in the USA. It will be too risky otherwise for me to come. Over these years I am still in contact with two of my dear friends who I want to see one last time.

Indiana Jones fedora hat

Indiana Jones

Let me start off by portraying one of the most famous hats in the world, these days known as the Indiana Jones. Harrison Ford played the movie character Indiana Jones in a certain amount of films where the hat became the trade mark for this fictional personage. Along Harrison Ford, the Scottish Sir. Sean Connery.

Ap 1 Ap 2 Ap 3 Ap 4 Indiana Jones fedora hat